This past year, the glorious Ashley Comeau initiated a daily practice on her Facebook she called #LadyLove2016, where, every day of the year, she highlighted a woman she loves, who “inspires, who promotes kindness and power, strength and intelligence, beauty and compassion to not only [Ashley] but those around her.”

Ashley has inspired me, not just with her open heart and almost absurd levels of positivity, but with her discipline. I want to follow in her footsteps, but since I am incapable of love, I’m gonna stick with the discipline part, and work Ashley into it some other way.

In October 2015 Ashley was there when I injured the hell out of myself. Like literally right there. Watched it happen, called 911, came to the hospital, the whole deal. I wound up apartment bound for a few months, on the 3rd floor of a walk-up. Many of my friends were very kind and visited me during this time, brought gifts, and food, kept me company, helped me clean my apartment, lugged all their podcast equipment to my place so I could be a guest, took garbage down the 3 flights so I didn’t have to crutch my way out there, were kind and patient about my increasingly squirrelly tendencies, etcetera, etcetera, well into January 2016.

Among the gift-bearers was Ashley, and one of the gifts was this book:



The pages turn in 3 separate sections like so:


So that you can mix and match story elements for up to, as the cover says, “THOUSANDS OF WRITING PROMPTS”. Ashley had issued me the challenge of keeping my brain active this way while I was imprisoned in my shoebox apartment, but I was not really up for extra challenges at the time, aside from the challenge of wallowing: NAILED IT.

But better late than never!

So for every day of 2017 I am going to accept Ashley’s challenge of over a year ago, and make some kind of story thing out of these randomly generated prompts. These will be the first things just randomly flipped open to, except in the case of repeat elements (there will inevitably be repeats, but I’ll worry less about that further down the road).

These may be a short scene, or a short film script or a sketch, possibly even a poem (unlikely). I may make a short video or audio file, or enlist one or more of my talented friends to help me with things. It may be a literal rendering of the prompt, or very abstractly inspired by it. It’s a prompt.

I’ll try to get something out every day, but realistically, like Ashley ended up doing, I may have to crank out multiple things in a go to catch up, but at the end of the year it will add up to 365 things!

Welcome to #StoryLove2017! Stay tuned!